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Quantum Sonoterapia Invertone is located in the third way of integrative medicine, between classical medicine and alternative medicines, all of which are mainly focused towards the resolution of visible symptoms. This new therapeutic vision, now recognized by the medical-scientific world, is entirely dedicated to the treatment of the causes of any disease: pathological stress.

It is based on two scientific discoveries:

* The first is the Russian search engines Piotr Garjajev, a microbiologist, and Vladimir Poponin, a quantum physicist, from the Moscow and New York Academies of Science, who have brought to the fore the Phantom DNA, this field of information that surrounds, Integrates and acts directly on the molecule. Its field of organization is similar to that of human languages ​​that have a syntax and grammatical rules, which may represent the origin or source of inspiration of the languages.

* The second is that of the French sound engineer René Guéraçague who, from the "named", in a first time, made the alphabetical-mathematical-sonic transmutation at the end of the 1990s, before adding, in 2013, The notion of quantum intricacy that allows a "named" molecule to be activated instantly and at a distance, regardless of the notion of time and space.

In the field of health, quantum sleep therapy acts at the level of the DNA information field, ie the source of the autonomous health system of the human body, in the absence of total side effects. These two discoveries allow access to the deep causes of the disease that have accumulated during the life of the person and to be able to deactivate them, which facilitates the medical treatment of the visible symptoms.

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