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The founder of the Invertone tool, of its technique, the protocol of operation and of the company, is the French Sound Engineer René Guéraçague.

The Engineer had begun the search process, while working in the musical industry field, since the year 1980. His motivation and observation in the face of the development of emotions while listening to music had been to try and find something more specific that would reach each person in a more personal manner. The progress in computer science and of sound digitalization have permitted extraordinary progress, in terms of time of development and precision, and then of results.

It is in the least expected field, that is, in the microtonal tuning field that the real results were found. After having set very precise frequencies for each musical note, work that took more than 10 years, recordings were applied in research areas to conclude that the recorded "sound" that came out of the speakers was broader, stronger, cleaner, and more profound and clear in technical terms. Also the complementarities between words and musical chords raised significantly the emotional level of the auditor.

In the year 1999, the engineer finally decided to devote his invention and his search to the well being of the human being. In the music environment it was the obvious application where his intuitions and work could develop, overwhelmingly, in the privileged area of music for the well being: relaxation.

Music has always induced sensations in the human being. To understand more, and know the human being better, in its INDIVIDUAL way, was the primary motive of the founder of Invertone. We all know and recognize the effects of music, in a collective plan, one music for all. But the personalized frequencies, exactly adjusted to the emotional functioning, mental or instinctive of a human being in particular, have many more widespread, profound, precise and specific effects.

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